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    VPS Hosing is the cheapest than Dedicated hosting.
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    Vps hosting is less expensive than dedicated server

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    Reasons why people are choosing VPS over dedicated server

    Following are the certain benefits that attract customers to choose a VPS over a Dedicated server.

    Cost effectiveness (Probably the most striking one).
    Quick setup.
    Higher uptime.
    Offers perfect amount of resources to run small to medium size websites.
    No need to pay for extra resources that do not require.
    Provides custom or tailor made resources for your business.
    Provides the level of security and flexibility of a dedicated hosting option at much lesser price.

    Most of the time, customers choose VPS for the price factor only. If you check the above list more closely, you will notice that price may be the only factor that a dedicated server could not address. But in recent times, as a result of the competitive nature of the Web Hosting industry, dedicated server prices have drastically fallen.
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    VPS is cheapest as compare to dedicated server .

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    Dedicated Sever is really better than VPS (Virtual Private Server). If you use Dedicated Server so you haven't need to feel any tension. But you can also get very good result on VPS server. If you have enough money so you can use Dedicated Server. Because Dedicated server cost is very costly. But you can get VPS server in very cheap. I hope you got my point. Thanks

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    VPS would be the least expensive. Be that as it may, everything relies upon what you will do. Additionally a major part is transfer speed. More often than not on the off chance that you have a VPS it implies you are sharing the physical uplink (Usually 100Mbit or 1Gbit).

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