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    just thought of another one ; Affiliatefuture

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    if you want ppc ads then Google adSense is the best choice no doubt. But if your web site is old and has huge volume of traffic then you can use affiliate programs like Commission Junction.

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    I don't like Google adsense because it doesn't pay with credit card or Western Union (only to some country).
    Personally, I advice Chitika and CreditBurner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NullBuster Hosting View Post
    Depending on the type of website that you are running, Google Adsense is always a option.

    Goode Adsense Policies can be found here:
    Google AdSense Program Policies
    I am agree with you Google adsense is best one for adds on website

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    gingimaster, Your reply is certainly valid. I guess we need some clarification.

    jani83, are you looking for CPM, CPA, or other types 0f advertising?

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    Adsense is a good solution. However if your site is still under construction you shuld try adbrite, cause they accept sites under construction as well.

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    my best choice is google adsense

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    Any other ideas? I think adsense is the best

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    I want to answer of the above question. Can nay buddy tell me about that in elaborated manner so that i will earn sum bucks.

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    Google Adsens is my thinking

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