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    Default wich company is best for ads on website

    is any body tell me wich company is best for ads on website.i need ads on my website.

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    Depending on the type of website that you are running, Google Adsense is always a option.

    Goode Adsense Policies can be found here:
    Google AdSense Program Policies


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    gingimaster, Your reply is certainly valid. I guess we need some clarification.

    jani83, are you looking for CPM, CPA, or other types 0f advertising?

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    Adsense is a good solution. However if your site is still under construction you shuld try adbrite, cause they accept sites under construction as well.

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    i'd say google adsense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabii
    i'd say google adsense!
    Adsense fo' sure

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    if u have Lots of traffic then go for Credit Burner I got payed by them

    received 1st payout of 23$ !!!! in just one week
    MUCH better than Adsense 6$ Only

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    Follwing is the list of web sites which from my point of view pays you more .

    CreditBurner(Weekly payout $2.5 min )
    Money4Banner(Pays $8 for keeping the banner for 1 month )

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    Google Adsens is the best.

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