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    Default How to increase traffic on blog???

    there are lots of users askin for aid in increasing traffic on blogs. Experts please provide more infos ! i will try to work on more as i get some time! cheers!

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    By providing quality and interesting content and avoid spammy posts (like paid advertising posts sold to other blogs). Offer some kind of incentive to people to subscribe to build viewership. And don't forget other SEO methods like link building etc.

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    use manual website / article submission services, social bookmarking etc. this will boost your traffic.

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    also, make friends on the blogosphere. when u visit people blogs, almost always, they return the favor

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    I have a blog that pays about 200 dollars a month on adsense and .58 cents on adbrite. LOL
    I had to promote it constantly on forums though.

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    Try to introduce the content of ur blog to the forum members or just promote it in nice way where thru which u can attract the traffic..
    One thing is of u have good rich content u can get customers back again else it will be a visit of only once.

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    Give people what they want and do it consistently, try and have quality content on a regular basis. Then post quality over quantity.
    Commenting on related blogs is also a good way of promoting your blog, don't just post there but be friendly and comment wisely.

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    Trying using entrecard for starters. I also like buying advertisement on other blogs.

    I am also starting my offline promotion.

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    Using google niche keywords you can get some trafic in a short time. And this kind of trafic is the best for google adsense.

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    Thank You Very Much For These Wonderful New informations.

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