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Thread: Yahoo answers

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    It is not against the rule as far as I am concerned. You just need to make sure that you're offering solution for the questions that the person is asking.

    Just make sure that you're answering as good as possible and you will probably even get selected as the best answer! I experienced that a few times already

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    I have gotten good results by using yahoo answers in the past. Kind of blackhat and spammy though.

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    Yes, Yahoo! Answers are very good. You will get good answers always because there are millions of peoples who are using them. You won't get the information instantly thats the only bad thing.

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    Yahoo answers is good sharing of information, fast answers.
    The service is available in several countries Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, etc.

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    yahoo answer?? how its work...
    i 've not ever use it even one... somebody.. tell me whut the speacial??

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    Yes I do mate and i am finding it really useful.I am able to get any solution from real experts(if they are availale online) and i a able to sort out my problems.But I am not finding it much useful when compared to google.In yahoo answers i need to post a question and wait for replies which i am getting sick of it

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    I'm using yahoo answers, is a good service but I prefer posting my questions on forums too. I like the system of points of yahho answers.

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    I have used it many times but i got only 70% time correct answers.I think google search is better than yahoo answer.Google search the result very widely..
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    I was using it very often and i did get good answers, and i believe you can get penalized if you spam yahoo answers wit h links or just by making publicity

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    Yahoo answers sometimes help when you have a doubt or something, but normally I dont get answers on time at yahoo answers. Also, when I search on google, I get the same answer within a second.

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