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Thread: Yahoo answers

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    I think the answers mentioned in there are mostly copy paste or Personal Intrests some time back i was searching for an Article guess wat i found in it i found a Personal article by someone Displayed in Yahoo Answers

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    I always use Yahoo answers and it is very reliable. They have good points system going, the better you answer the more points you earn, so this way only good and relevant answers are encouraged.

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    i really like the concept, it feels like so many friendz are there to help u..

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    I have been using yahoo answers from few months.I have got many good answers from yahoo and i am satisfied with it.It is simple and easy to use...

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    Yes i have used yahoo answers but i dont get the answers correctly sometimes it takes me to someother website or blog related to the aquestion... I dont think this is good...

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    Yahoo answers is a good forum to post your questions. Your queries will always answered and also you get additional information about your query.

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    I have tried using Yahoo Answers before... but right now I whenever I have questions in my mind I asked it right through this forum...

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    I have used Yahoo! Answers for getting answers to my questions. I usually search Google for answers, but Yahoo! Answers links come up frequently. I guess people have the same questions that I do--or at least similar questions.

    You could probably make money by listing your website as the source. Ads on your website + click = cash.

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    I've used Yahoo Answers both for finding answers to questions as well as advertising my own websites.

    It was a good source of income back when Adsense had the referall ads, haven't really tried another method with it.

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    I used to be active at Yahoo! answers. It is nice to share your thoughts with others there. you could also find answers of all your questions. Just try it and you will be addicted. Lol. but i stopped at level 2 because I have so many things to do. lol.

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