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    Managed dedicated server have hardware, software. It is a type of internet services. Managed dedicated server is more flexible hen shared hosting. Dedicated server allows you to utilize all the server resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space and install everything you need, but another side of the coin that you have to manage it ot buy this from the third-party or your host.

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    Managed server is good for the high traffic due the separate hardware and software. These combination make much more faster response.

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    Dedicated server means that you own 100% of its resources and don’t have to share them with anyone else. Managed servers are supported by tech staff and are monitored 24/7 to ensure security of hardware. Besides, most problems are fixed for you by the support team. This is the most advanced web-hosting option. If you would like to order one, visit INXY – they have a lot of solutions for different budgets and demands.

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    Managed dedicated server have hardware, software

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    Here is something you might interested in:

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    Managed dedicated servers offer consistent performance and security to support your most complex applications. View all of our dedicated server hosting ...

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    The ideal solution for resource intensive sites might be dedicated deals from or with pro-active support and monitoring. Dedicated server hosting with 100% guaranteed network uptime in dream host

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    100% networ uptime is rather much.

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    Hello Puffin,

    For more details related to Managed Dedicated Servers you can visit, it is the best managed hosting service provider.

    Casey K
    Skype : live.euboxes

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