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    For traffic social networking sites are the best option as these sites have huge traffic generation capacity and they are very effective in promotion as well.

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    For improving traffic of your site use the following method, blog commenting, press release, social bookmarking, article submission, pay per click, link exchange, and lots more...

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    There are various ways to better your website traffic. Counts on your cheap, but you can drive monumental traffic to your site applying free marketing too.

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    You know what, I don't think social bookmarking can bring more traffic in that short time!
    At least, I didn't see that on my site!

    If it really worked, can you give me some opinion?

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    Social networking can assist generate traffic since it is a marketing technique or a viral marketing that encourages people to pass along the marketing messages, there will be fortifies in traffic merely if you do not promote for some time, traffic drops drastically.

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    Try PPC for your website. Also prote your website in social networking sites, forum etc...

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    To improve traffic on the site both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO must be done.In Off-Page SEO backlinking on social networking sites is a great way to generate more links and helping you have more traffic.

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    Follow the steps and do the same.

    Perform On-Page SEO. ...
    Get Listed. ...
    Post to Social Media with Hashtags. ...
    Use Landing Pages. ...
    Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...
    Start Email Marketing. ...
    Advertise Online. ...
    Guest Blog.

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