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Thread: What's VPS?

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    Default What's VPS?

    VPS and Dedicated server have the same features and resources.
    But some of VPS features are common with other vpss stored in the same master server.
    This features are RAM and Bandwidth and they aren't generally guaranteed.

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    That VPS defenition is not right my friend.

    A VPS or Virtual Private Server is , as the name says, a very powerfull dedicated server spreaded in various servers.

    A VPS is a own OS where you have root acess but running not in a own machine (dedicated server) but on a shared machine and it is great for jumping from a resseller account

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    A Virtual Private Server is a great way to get the security and privacy of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the Virtual Private Server you are looking at and the dedicated server you are looking at there can be a considerable price difference.

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    Yea. Thats exactly why I tell anyone who'll listen not to get a vps. With a vps, you do not have enough ram for a RAM burst.

    Go for a dedi or a shared package.

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    VPSs are ideal for starters, developers and programmers who would like to take full control of the resources of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost. There are many businesses that may prefer to have their own dedicated server but there are also many that want to pay less with the ease of scaling quickly.
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    VPS, or Virtual Private Server, means hosting of different entities for various customers, but all in one server. It enables the service provider to make a partition of a single server into many virtual servers. The customers would then share the server as a whole, which includes both the connection and the hardware.

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    Dedicated server is a Standalone server and Virtual private server (VPS) is a server derived by dividing a Dedicated server into several small servers using some virtualization application. A VPS server offers you with same features that are offered with a Dedicated server. The only difference is the resources allocated to both the servers. A dedicated server will definitely have more resources and a higher price when compared with a VPS server. If you are looking for economical hosting solution with lots of features than you can surely opt for a VPS server. VPS is generally good to start with and later on you can even upgrade to a Dedicated server. :: Cheap Reseller Hosting | Cloud Servers | Fully Managed Dedicated Server
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    A dedicated and a VPS may offer similar services but at no point a VPS can match the resources that a dedicated server can offer. In case of a dedicated server, the entire server resources belong to you, where as in case of a VPS, a dedicated server is divided into virtual servers by virtualization. Hence the resources on a VPS are restricted compared to a dedicated server.

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    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the new evolution in the hosting industry. VPSes use fair-sharing technology, which makes it possible to divide one physical server into multiple isolated servers, and each one performing as an independent, stand alone-dedicated server.

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