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Thread: VPS Or DS

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    if you have a high traffic web site ds is better for you ds can handle more traffic and give more hardware resources to you.

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    I would personally prefer VPS server over dedicated server. VPS server almost has the same features of a dedicated server and it is also very cheaper than dedicated server. I have hosted my websites with VPS server only. I got best deals on VPS hosting from at low cost with 24/7 customer support.
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    I personally prefer VPS it is much more simpler and better to use.

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    If you need a server for HEAVY USAGE then you should go for dedicated server, but it's more expensive and needs management.
    VPS is great if you don't need a BIG port or BIG CPU and RAM. Usually great for Normal sites or download servers.
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    24X7 Free Technical support where the hosting provider will manage the server for you. He will take care of the server related issues, update OS and other patches regularly. If you have any issues with the server, you just need to contact them and their admins will solve the issue f

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    VPS Hosting is almost always less expensive than using Dedicated Hosting for your site since you don't get your own equipment, and because of this, you also usually get fewer resources. When deciding between the two types of hosting, you'll want to consider the type of site you're running along with scalability.

    One of the biggest factors in determining if you should opt for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting is what type of resources your site will need. Do you intend to host large media files that will require extensive amounts of storage space and bandwidth? Will your site require a lot of processing power to run scripts and back-end applications? Do you expect to have an enormous amount of visitors that will necessitate a lot of bandwidth even without large media files?

    If you've said yes to one or more of those questions, you should probably strongly consider Dedicated Hosting. With Dedicated Hosting, you can set up your hosting server to have the processing power, storage and bandwidth you'll require. Further, you won't have to worry about other sites slowing yours down or poaching from your resources.

    It's also important to consider if you will eventually answer yes to those questions. If you have a site that will require major resources in the not too distant future, you may find it best to start out with the type of hosting you'll need rather than trying to migrate your site from a VPS host to a dedicated server. VPS Hosting will often allow you to scale up, but there's a limit to the amount of resources you'll have access to with this type of hosting.

    However, if you've got a site that won't require an enormous amount of resources, you should consider VPS Hosting. There is a wide range of hosting options that can allow you to choose from a small to a very large amount of resources with VPS Hosting.
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    It's depends upon your budget .
    VPS is cheaper than Dedicated server

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    Quote Originally Posted by lihen View Post
    which would you prefer a vps (virtual private server) or a ds (dedicated server) and why?
    Do give a detail reason because it might help me to choose one for me
    That is really depends on your business/company's requirements. What are you planning to do for your VPS or Dedicated Server? You might want to check this blog about Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting:

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    Obviously Dedicated Server. It can help you to give you better result than VPS server. I always use Dedicated Sever on my Event Blog. Thanks

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    The decision to purchase either a VPS or dedicated server depends on several factors including the performance power you're looking for, uptime and availability you need, reliability you require etc. It also depends on what you're planning to do with a server.

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