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Thread: why sitemaps ?

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    Default why sitemaps ?

    so, why does google need me to upload a sitemap of my websites if all of my pages can be reached by spidering along the link ?

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    Sitemap can make it easier for the crawler to reach your sub pages. You will only benefit if you upload a sitemap.

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    Sitemaps are good if you have added new pages and want the indexed fast
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    Submitting sitemaps ensure that bot can have all the links at a time and can crawl according to the links

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    Sitemaps are one of the easy way to segregate your inside pages so that visitors from google can actually see your various old links which they normally cannot see if they visit your home page. this will help in increasing your traffic only.

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    Google makes its life easier. If you awant to make your life easier you will upload and install it for sure.

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    if your site is very large and contains lots of deep level of directories, then a sitemap
    will help google to find about your site. It's not really necessary if you have only a
    5 page site.

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    does it actually help with my SERP? how easy it is to have a sitemap anyway? i haven't tried it yet. only on my blogs, but with the use of a plug-in

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    With sitemap you help google to have your web site crawed. And as result better listed in SERP

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