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    Default Best CPM for proxified pages

    Since I cannot use google's adsense for proxified pages, which CPM program do you recommend ? [i don't like adbrite] Or should I use a CPA program ?

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    funny u should mention it
    i didn't check Adsense's TOS and placed a large banner on proxified pages...
    a couple of days ago, they sent me an email about it. i definetly feel the change in adsense clicks and views...
    so i'm in the same boat as you, looking for a CPM prog for those pages

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    But why? Adsense is the first and big CPM program. This program no compromise with any other program. Adsense is the best. you can try this.

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    Google AdSense is a most preferable program for any Digital marketing executive or SEO Executive.

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    Google AdSense is one of the best program I knew in this era.

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    Adsense Program.

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