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    Both Dedicated Server and VPS are secured ,reliable and good.
    I like to recommend you the best Dedicated Server provider company are
    "Stealthy Hosting" which provides you affordable Dedicated Server.
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    Their are many servers provider which you will get from Google search engine and Offers secton of forums from their select one

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    Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an intermediate between shared hosting, in which many websites share the server’s resources, and dedicated hosting in which an entire physical server is dedicated to one customer and is not shared with anyone else.

    VPS and dedicated hosting have a number of similarities and may even look the same to the uninitiated.

    VPS hosting guarantees that resources will always be available for your website but the central processing unit (CPU) of the main host node is shared between customers and may not be shared equally, and so is not necessarily always guaranteed for your use.

    Dedicated hosting gives you sole access to and total control of a physical server and its CPU. Dedicated hosting generally also gives you a choice of CPUs, and there could be as many as eight CPU cores available for your use.

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    This question is old as the world is: A dedicated server is a guarantee that at the most critical moment you can count on the full power of your server without sharing it with anyone else

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    You can ask why in India?

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