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    Default difference between Linux and Windows hosting

    can someone tell me the difference between Linux and Windows hosting.
    i only use linux hosting right now and maybe plan to try windows hosting.

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    There isn't a huge difference. The major difference is the interface and installation/operation area. A Windows server and Linux will still provide you with ALL the needs of a web server. The differences are only shown on the administrator end.

    As for the type of software used for hosting, THAT may be different. I'm not 100% sure. I've used windows hosting once and it seemed straight forward.

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    1. Windows hosting charges more than the Linux hosting services on a very obvious level because Microsoft does not releases the windows server operating system free.
    2. Windows system have more overhead than Linux server and thus consumes more server on their resources as compared to Linux server.
    3. Linux web hosting runs on the languages of Perl and php whereas the windows supports the or MySQL languages into it.This is only the main disadvantage that is associated with Linux web hosting service that it does not support the Microsoft technologies into it.

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    Windows can coordinate with Access Database superbly and consistently. Mostly, one of the best qualities of Windows is the capacity to incorporate well with the greater part of the databases and applications in the market today.

    Windows are outfitted with all the vital Microsoft tools. To name as the case for the better outline: "Microsoft sharepoint tools" which enables one to share their archives and related data on the intranet with the others.

    Easy to use administration: Another advantage of Linux web hosting is that it is easy to administrate. A Linux server can be effortlessly controlled and overseen remotely over numerous locales with the utilization of the web or a telephone line.

    Linux is profoundly measured for it is anything easy to be modified for customization. It can be arranged and set up essentially with practically everything.

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    i also use linux hosting.

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