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    Adsense pays out more for high paying keywords. Even though I know that there are less chances of people clicking such content based ads but if you have large number of page hits then adsense makes more sense, but never go against the TOS of adsense as you will end up getting your account banned.

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    Going against TOS is not a good idea not just for adsense. Adbrite can ban you as well. Make a good website and you will have enough cliks without going against TOS.

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    Adsense i think is the best lol

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    Adsense is way more better than adbrite cause they have got pretty good amounts of ads which is very much relevant accroding to your content and als adsense provide good PPC.

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    In my view adsense still is better earning sourse because you can get more earning per click in adsense than adbrite and if your site is new then it is very difficult to get advertisers via adbrite. So Adsense is also better in this sense.

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    i have adbrite and adsense but adsense pays better

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    I think Adsense would be better for your streaming type site . It gives gauranteed paymant . I'm too working with it , and I'm fully satisfied with its services .

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    adsense is always better

    you can earn as much visitors u increase

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    Adsense has always given me higher pays then adbrite. I feel that the adsense algorithm for ad placement is better then adbrite as well and hence more clicks which means higher earnings. So for me it has to be adsense.

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    Adsense is still the king of players...remember that Google is the 3rd most visited website...Adbrite is good for forums but Adsense is better in all other kinds of can always filter low paying websites in Adsense...Adsense also can be easily blended into the website layout

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