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    If one has to decide between the two, then the choice would obviously go to Adsense since it is the market leader in this segment and offers a relatively better incentive.



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    Adsense is the undisputed best ad revenue site, adbrite is also ok but not as adsense really.

    If you are new with earning from your site i guess you can start with
    creating a good blog, put some useful and helpful information there
    and join google adsense or any other ad services and start promoting
    your blogs.
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    My niche is diffrent and adbrite doesn't show relevant ads and hence my traffic doesn't convert well
    I love adsense !

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    I have used both programs for over a year and AdBrite has consistently brought in more revenue for me each day.
    Personally, I like AdBrite better because they are more flexible with their rules and I have always earned more money with them.

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    My vote is for both as I use a combination of the 2 on my websites.

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    Which one is the best site. By which site I can earn more revenue. Please tell me anybody...

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    Adsense lol try beating google = impossible

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    yes, every has been complaining about their low paychecks from adsense. but really is their a better company? i going with adsense on this one. alternatives to adsense are hard to find. of course, i would use both to spread your money out so it is not in one place.

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