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    Default AdBrite or AdSense?

    Which one would be better for me? I have a streaming type site and it is against google policy so i am using AdBrite. I am thinking of just using AdBrite for all my sites.

    What do you think is better?

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    i am from india and most of my website traffic is from india.
    adbrite doesn't pay much for traffic from india.
    so i switched to adsense. and it pays me well.
    so my vote is for adsense.

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    I have tried both advertising platforms. AdSense works spectacularly great for me specially image based ads. AdBrite in the other hand doesn't provide much content related ads.

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    If you can, then use Adsense, they pay far better. If you can't,. maybe your Adsense account ahs been banned, then use Adbrite.

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    Well obviously adsense is better than adbrite, always. But you should ask adsense first to see if they allow your site. You can contact them.

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    The only bad part, is that it takes weeks for dsense to reply, Adbrite replies in like, less than 24 hours.

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    Mate, you have gone against adsense TOS, so you have taken out the best option, do you have any other option? There is only an adbrite, or fair ads network for you. In my opinion adbite pays only peanuts, so better look for other.

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    it all depends on your content
    If its legal content i recommend you to go for adsense

    and if your banned out of adsense or using any content that voilates adsenes policies then use adbrite

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    It depeds on the type of your site. Adbrite is a wise decision for smaller sites which have up to 1000 unique visits per day.

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    I run both adsense and adbright. My adsense ads are better positioned and get more clicks - yet adbright consistently pays out twice as much, for less clicks.

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