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    AdSense is better than AdBrite. Adsense ad gets a better response and get more clicks in short payment rather than AdBrite use much money and get low response.

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    I choose Adsense for My Ads.

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    Adsense is the best payer - but often you can combine providers on a page, I use inlinks aswell as Adsense and a banner provider also
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    I use both AAdSense and AdBrite.

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    AdBrite remained an independent ad exchange, reaching more than 160 million U.S. unique visitors each month and providing site-level transparency, display and video capabilities, and an open platform for data providers and real-time bidders. Adsense is an advertising placement service by google.

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    If you want to marketing for India based company then AdSense is a better option.

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    Adsense is far betteran than adbrite... it is reputed one pay u correctly

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    I suggest you to prefer Google Adsense, which is best techniques to earn money online by allowing ads.

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