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    Post Is HTML important to learn?

    With the easy availability of different editors generally people do not spend much time into hardcore coding. I have always believed that one should know the engine which is running at the back-end. In this case it is HTML coding. If we know the language on our own then we can take the help of editors to build the skeleton and then use our knowledge to fine-tune it. So guys what do you think?
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    You are right, but everybody cannot devote so much time to understand Hyper text markup language. If you learn it is good also, it can be very useful, even in job.

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    HTML is important to learn I think.

    Of course if your just the regular email checker user then HTML wouldn't be needed however to create and to almost present anything to anyone a portfolio etc. easier done with HTML online then by hand.

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    Hey I think that the hype text markup language is one if the basic languages which one should understand because it provides a bisic knowledge on which anyone can learn other language very soon and easily like php and jsp etc

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    Yes it is ver important to learn the basics of this program. It is true that there are a lot of html editors on the market place but I am afraid that they often dont allow thier users to be as inovative as they should be.

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    I put up my first site in 1999 using FrontPage because I knew no html.

    That was a mistake that I have corrected.

    Take the time to learn basic html. Use an editor type thing for complex stuff if you must and then check the coding youself.

    About all I use anymore is notepad2 (free to download). My sites look better and load faster.

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    You need to learn at least (X)HTML if you are serious about making money online. Some good sources to begin learning are and
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    Well its much important to you if you want to make your self as webpage developer.
    Now days it is much important to have some knowledge in this field according to this
    Probabely programmin is well compare to the design method and its quite related.

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    Yes, it's very important if you want to make a website or a blog. While it's true there are several html WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors like Dreamweaver, it's always useful having general knowledge of HTML because sometimes you'll have to edit the code yourself. It's not so difficult to learn HTML, it only takes time

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    HTML provided me with a basic understanding of how web programming languages worked. I'd say that yes, it is important to learn it, as trying to learn another language with a very limited understanding of HTML is difficult. HTML could probably be described as your first step.

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