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    When I am not online I prefer to read books or watch good movies. I also like to write stories when I have free time.

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    HTML is a basic languages to develop a website because all languages code is transfer in HTML.

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    Yes it is very important to learn the HTML. It include web development programming language through which you can able to design the web pages. It also include the CSS file which is helpful to apply the design into the UI element of HTML.

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    Learning HTML is probably the single most important thing you'll ever do if you want to create any Web site. You must learn HTML to design good pages because it is the language in which Web site on the Internet are based on.

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    HTML is really important to learn and handle. It becomes a tool for much on the Internet

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    HTML is a basic web programming language.It is very easy to learn also.Now we have html5 a updated version of html

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    ya it is very important to learn because it is a basic

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    Yes, html is very important to learn. It provides base for all the other languages. So before starting learning any programming language, just go through it.

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