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    Default What is affiliate marketing

    Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular way of making money on the Internet and it doesn¡¯t look like that fact is about to change anytime soon. If you haven¡¯t heard of the term before, affiliate marketing programs are simply where a company offers to pay you a set commission for an action (click, lead or sale) that people perform when you refer them to the affiliate website. Affiliate marketing can seem like a daunting area to step into, but there are many free resources all over the Internet to help you learn. This article will aim to give you a solid introduction into affiliate marketing.

    Choosing how to do it
    Affiliate marketing can be undertaken in a few different ways. You can market your affiliates on a fully functioning website you already run (or you could build one) and try to improve its search engine rankings (free traffic). You can build a landing page (explained later in this article) and use pay per click (PPC) advertising to get visitors, who you will then send to the companies website you are promoting. Alternatively you can send visitors directly to an affiliate¡¯s website with PPC advertising, although Google adwords, the most popular PPC Company, will not allow this. Realistically all of these methods can be viable.

    Choosing an affiliate program/network
    There are thousands of affiliate programs and affiliate networks that bring advertisers and publishers together, but some of the bigger and more reliable ones include; commission junction, azoogleads, CPA empire, Neverblue ads, hydramedia, clickbank, linkshare, clixgalore, and there are many, many more. Some companies even run their own affiliate program, which cuts out the middleman.

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    Your thoughtful thread is very helpful, i have been helped by it a lot. Affiliate marketing is very good on net, but i have not got any payment so far. Maybe i did the wrong way, before.

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    I am glad if it helps you£¡
    Merry Christmas! Wish you win much in new year!

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    Everyone knows what you said. The point is how to promote. But there is nothing about it in your thread. Anyway, thanks for your writing.

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    The most significant point is the choice of company.

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    Also, you need to choose the proper products listed on site. Not the biggest payoff for one, but the maximum advantage for all you can achieve.

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    Hey thanks for the information your sharing.. I had no idea about the affiliate you have a good knowledge of internet and the market.. and also thanks for sharing the steps how to do it...

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    the thread is very helpfull for new comers thanks for sharing the information with us

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    I have read a lot about this type of programs and i too want to join them but htere are t things that I want to know. Should I join the programs that stress on quantity or on quality and which is the best program in that category.

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    nice info about affiliate marketing up there. At the same time I also agree with fantasyfree.

    Its really easy to register as an affiliater. But to make sales, we could learn the techniques first. Such as blog marketing, forum marketing, email marketing, ppc, social bookmarking/networking, bum marketing, video marketing, classified ads, SEO etc.

    Its depend on what technique suitable with and bring more profits to you. Some technique are free and others are paid.
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