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    Simple things SEO is free and long time digital marketing solution but if your site keywords get top rank you will get limitless traffic via organic.

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    As per my knowledge SEO is better than Pay-per-click.

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    SEO is for long-term results and take some time to give the results and it depends on you how passionate you are for your work and how doing your SEO work.
    PPC is when you want the instant results but it totally depends upon your budget.

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    SEO Is better then PPC

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    I generally would prefer SEO over PPC in case i have a budget constraint. But if you are looking for quick results and have a proper budget set for your campaigns then you can go for PPC.

    To get your ad on the first page using PPC you will have to pay a higher cost. Getting a ranking on the first page of SEO is a bit tough, but not impossible. Because there are so many business who have achieved that Feat.

    You should use both the strategies properly in order to get maximum benefits

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    I must say both are very important for getting results. So don't get hurry you should stay calm and process. You will definitely get results.

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    With limited marketing budget, hire seo experts and do that, it will take it time like six months atleast but at the end it will you the results.
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    I personally prefer SEO as its effect are long lasting. Seo results are really slow but for loner time. PPC results are instant but for short period of time or very budget oriented

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    SEO and PPC both are great in terms of getting traffic, SEO is the way to get traffic by organic manners, doing seo takes time to rank but it's good for authority blog's and ppc is to get quick traffic to sell something online by google adwords, fb ads, etc...

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