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    There is no doubt about that.. Youtube traffic really effective to gain online exposure and sometimes converts into sale as well.. I have tried it and pity much satisfied..

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    video promotion is that you can express yourself better with it. There's specific steps to using it and you must take those specific steps with caution, also keep in mind that there will be fault lines along the way.

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    Yes it is effective, this traffic is actually converting for my affiliate program.

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    Yes, Youtube is a great source to increase on website.

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    youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the entire web.. so absolutely the traffic from youtube is very much effective

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    YouTube traffic is still traffic and it should help you with your website.

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    If you really want a good traffic from Youtube Then you must have to make a better and attractive video and must use the master king best keyword that derives traffics from this.

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    YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharing sites today. Business definitely gets benefit through youtube in some cases:

    1. You will reach targeted Web traffic. i.e. YouTube gets the most visits from adults aged between 18 and 34

    2. You will be able to demonstrate products, which is particularly important if your physical distribution channel is limited.

    3. YouTube will help you build your reputation as a guru in your field. You could post such things as video tutorials.

    4. It is free to post a video on YouTube, meaning you can put your advertising dollars elsewhere.

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