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    Cool Which Antivirus is the best for you?

    What anti virus software is the best for you?

    For me, Avast Professional Antivirus is the best for me. Why? avast antivirus has a on access protection that detects viruses when you plug any USB devices and when you download some things on the net.

    This antivirus software is also an anti piracy sofware that detects cracks and keygens as trojan viruses.

    The best thing about avast is that updates can easily downloaded. If you do not have an internet connection, just go to computer shops or computer rentals, download the update, pay for the rent, go back home, double click the update and it will automatically install.

    Another thing about updates is that, if you have an internet connection, you do not have to download its update because avast automatically downloads it.

    You can also schedule a boot scan of avast and avast will automatically scan when the computer reboots.

    Avast also detects viruses in the computers operating memory and deletes it.

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    I think Kaspersky is the best

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    The 3As normally work well, Avast, AVG, and Avira.

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    Free version of AVG, and Avira are adequate .I use VIsta ultimate OS and Avira.

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    I used AVG....But some of my friend like Kaspersky so much

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    for me Eset Nod32 is working very fine. No speed issues and very good security provided.

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    NOD32 for me as well. It doesn't consume lots of resources, sometimes you forget it's even running -- even when I'm playing games!

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    i think Kaspersky or bit defender is best because they are rated as most competitive anti virus of 2010.And both gave me best result ever i had.


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    I agree with you, Avast is one of the antivirus in these days

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    As of now I am using Bit Defender,KOMODO's strictness makes me landed on this Bit Defender, so far so good. But I like to try some of your recommendations here.

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