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    I personally don't purchase signature advertising but I sell them and most of my clients are very pleased with the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frdsmth9 View Post
    The forum signature line should actually reflects the mission of company and its core competency. I dislike the text in signature which includes color and graphics and are larger than the default forum text.

    Would you like to share some tips to help make a signature more effective?
    I completely agree with you, however, colors and graphics due tend to catch a viewers eye.

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    follow the tos when makin a sig...if your gonna link it to your site, i suggest you use a kw as your anchor text

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    A signature file is classified advertisement about your business, I personally use just a normal font size. What is more important is to use your targeted keywords as your anchor text and make sure your links actually working.

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    I will say the best way is make an informative or quality post. The member will look at your signature when they found that you are keep posting quality post, that's the best way

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    A signature is the best way to advertise, without actualy doing any work.
    Quality, Affordable, UK, Vps Servers.

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    For me signature links are a great way to advertise your site as well as provide backlinks for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by didie View Post
    As I know, link signature should attract others to click and visit what you've offered. Also don't forget to include "call to action". Once more, maybe enough to promoting only one link per forum.
    Thanks for this good advise...

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