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    Signature Links in Forums offers a way to promote your business in an innovative way. besides these you can also get either a do follow backlink or no follow backlink from Signature links depending on the Forum

    Just make sure that you don't put too much of graphics or images or Red colored text in the Signature links as that irritates the reader.

    Try to include a call to action in the Signature Links.

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    Using signature you can create backlink as well as showing your presence on social media.

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    Most forums nowadays offer no-follow links through signature. I am not sure that it has great impact on SEO.

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    I keep my signature links limited to 1-3 at the max and I never make them in colored graphics like Dark red colored or overly decorated smileys. I keep it plain and simple with the Signature links and no fancy stuff because I myself don't like such stuff. I use FOrum Submission as a way to get traffic but i comment only on useful posts

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    Signature is god fir niches from websites, Like if you are talking about a topic and your site is related to the topic this is good for you. Other visitors come to your site directly from forum site if your answer is compatible with all members.

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    Signature will help to gain a backlink from forum posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retail365cloud View Post
    Signature will help to gain a backlink from forum posting.

    Very Nice, this is a right way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frdsmth9 View Post
    The forum signature line should actually reflects the mission of company and its core competency. I dislike the text in signature which includes color and graphics and are larger than the default forum text.

    Would you like to share some tips to help make a signature more effective?
    Hi frdsmth9, can you tell us why you hate the color in forum signature. I think if you use the different colors that usually people like then it is better to use the colors in the forum signatures but, if you use red or another contrast color then it maybe distracts the user.

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    Content which you used in your signature is very much important for Forum Signature.

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