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    I think China is a good place to visit,because it has long history and many historical relics ,also beautiful landscape is another good choice for visting.
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    Well for me mine favorite place is paris. I really like this place. I just love this city.

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    Christ the saviour, Rio de Janerio, is a lovely place to visit

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    Want to visit India's all historical places like Taj Mahal Agra,Ajanta Ellora Caves,

    Jaipur Rajasthan etc.

    Read and listen lots about it popularity but not visit it personally that's why!!

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    I like to go to Egypt because I want to see the great sphinx and the pyramids.

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    I like visit to all around the world .I want Go for SOTC.Its very nice way to visit for every place.I want to know all of the people which use to live in the world.
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    I would love to travel -- Venice, Norway, Tasmania, Thailand, Greece and Hawaii....

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    I really like Hawaii

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    My favorite place is India

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    Niagara water fall is my favorite place to visit
    i wanna go there again and again

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