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    Here are some of mine favorite visit place..... Malaysia, Santiago, Honk Kong, Cape Town, Egypt, Greece, Japan and Italy.

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    The streets were clean and the downtown was an amazing mix of city and travel guides sea.Our include the best places to visit and include a description of why these sites are so fascinating.

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    I would like to visit Malaysia.
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    London is an expensive place to visit but there is so much you can see and do for free. East and South London are full of amazing contemporary art, music, design and movies. Heritage Britain is your key to Britain's breathtaking history. The London Eye is the place from which one can see the whole city.

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    I would like to visit Shanghai and Sydney.

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    My favorite place is Switzerland and Australia .I wish to visit these places with my friends .

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    I would like visit England to see my elder sister.
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    I would like to visit Niagara waterfall again and again, its my favorite place to go in all over the world

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    My favorite place kerala this place very super and nature so like it kerala.

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    I would love to go to Hawaii someday...

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