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    i think directory submission in not a good idea, google check link spamming and it will effect your seo

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    Great information excellent article.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Some of the mistakes have been outdated now like pagerank one since google has officially stated that they would no longer update pagerank but it was nice tips tough.

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    If you follow this tips you will never lose website penalize, lose ranking, low traffic, and any kind of negative SEO activity.

    Thanks for providing us a valuable news and knowledge. I am not sure some kind of webmaster information, you have given us hjuge important news.

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    Thanks For The tips....... It would help me ...

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    great tips tnx for sharing.

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    There are many website promotion mistakes
    Before uploading a websites.. Remove the Dummy or default content for theme of websites
    Incluse robots before its on live
    Checked for duplicate content
    Remove the Default Contact info
    Remove the Themes content completely

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