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    SEO is the process by which the visibility of your website will improve to users of Search Engine. At the point when done appropriately this implies more visits and more potential deals, which the reason is having a site professionally enhanced can create a distinctive ROI.

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    SEO is necessary for every business. As website rank matters a lot, higher the website rank in Google search more will be the traffic on your website. As SEO helps to increase website rank, visibility of your brand, generate leads and improve conversion rate.

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    Absolutely its necessary to do SEO for website in order to have greater visibility, generate traffic and to rank higher.

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    if you need traffic for your website. So you need SEO.

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    According to my Knowledge every individual who owns a website or blog, Needs to perform SEO for getting benefit from it.

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    of course, I think SEO account for 60% success in SEM or online store

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    Yes, SEO is necessary because it is not just for ranking the webpages on the top of the SERP but it is also the process of optimizing the website for the users and the SE that is called OnPage SEO.

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    If You want to increase the Traffic to your website and Leads to the Business,we can do SEO,just having website always doesn't work...

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    I think it is important for a website to optimize them for the users and the search engine for better results.

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    Yes it is a vital part of having a website. Yes, you may not be looking for sales or whatsoever. But, doing SEO to your site increase the chance of having targeted traffic most especially to your target demographics.
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