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    Default Which anti virus do you use or like among the following?

    1) Kaspersky Labs
    2) Bitdefender
    3) Virusbuster
    4) F-Secure
    5) F-Prot RAV
    6) AntiVir
    7) Quickheal
    8) InoculateIT-CA
    9) Ikarus
    10) AVG
    11) Avast
    12) Sophos
    13) Dr. Web
    14) Trend Micro
    15) Norman
    16) Command
    17) Panda
    18) Esafe
    19) A2
    20) McAfee
    21) Symantec
    22) InoculateIT-VET

    Please share your experience.
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    Default Hi

    Thanks for your great post. Its really amazing. I used Kaspersky Labs, McAfee and Avast. But its not worth for me.

    Now i am using AVG. Its going well.

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    From that list I had used Kaspersky and Panda, Panda is good but consumes too much resources. Kaspersky give lot of troubles.

    I currently using Avira, for me is the best of all.
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    I use Panda. No virus damage to date, but that may because there have been no attacks.

    I've had really bad luck updating Norton/Symantic in the past, so regardless of any savings offered, I no longer even attempt to upgrade online. That means a new program at retail every year.

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    I am using Avast and pretty satisfied with its performance...

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    I've had pretty good luck with Avira and virus protection. When the subscription ran out, I decided to try some other ones like Comodo Internet Security which seems to work okay as well, although it seems a bit too paranoid at times. But better paranoid, than not I guess.

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    I have most of these anti-virus software’s but out of all AVG is my favorite as it is very quick and requires less space on HDD.

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    I have used Norton for over ten years and have not had any problems...
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    I use 1) Kaspersky Labs. This untivirus is the best one!
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    AVG is better from the lot either others doesn’t provide quality protection or they require more storage space or process power that slows down system.

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