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    Default Do you trust Free Hosts?

    I kinda dont trust free hosts upto most of the free hosts.
    Free hosts often want ads and mostly those who dont ask to show ads also, are often down and are not fast.
    Paid hosts are often reliable!

  2. Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    Nope, never trusted them.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    Well there ARE good free hosts. The problem is, once everyone finds out about them, they start overusing their resources, and your hosting quality suffers as a result.

    There is a saying "you get what you pay for". This is especially true in the web hosting industry. If you think about an example similar to this:

    Client- hosting issues, hosting goes down and you need support.

    hosting firm- sorry, im not waking up at 2am to fix something that you're getting for free anyway.

    Client- I just lost $1000's in sales because of downtime.

    hosting firm: what did you expect?
    now its not usually as blunt as this, but there is some truth to it.

    If ever i was to need hosting, i would pay for it. Even if it was the companies cheapest package. Atleast I know that somewhere, someone cares about my business.
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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    To an extent. You have to go with at least a well known one, otherwise they're likely to just take your information and go sell it or something.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    I wouldn't trust a free host with important data, end of.

    However, I would trust a free hosting company with normal data to an extent, but no, I don't think I could fully trust a free hosting company.

    Nearly every one out there has a hidden clause behind it.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    Never trust free web hosts, except big companies like yahoo and google. I know, many service providers are providing crazy packets like 5 gigs size and 100 gb BW and unlimited all with cpanel and fantastico. Those companies are usually getting first traffic to their site. They won't rule the hosting long. What do they win from hosting paid hosting package with free? There are also a lot of falling projects. You cant trust anything else, except the big companies, which offers very bad packages.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    I trust free hosts which expect something in return. Example: Forum Activity.

    I dont trust 100% free hosts

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    Well, I was in It is a such of nice and incredible hosting for posting. The problem it is, that it is a big LIE. Every 2 month they null server and say: "Conflict happened" or something like that. I was 6 month with them and made a lot of posts. They always closed the service and opened again. They didn't have resources to keep it up free, so they had to close it every 2 monthes. I lost a lot of important files with them. Never trust free host.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    I would go with paid web hosting companies, I wouldn't trust web hosts like E10HOST, they offered free resellers, but I decided I would buy my own reseller. Then I know my web hosting company would stay in business.

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    Default Re: Do you trust Free Hosts?

    no not really.. depends on if i know them for a while or not and reliable? trustworthy(established site that has been around for while?)

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