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    Default Os Commerce VS Magento

    I have a friend who hesitates on what shopping cart software to choose, Os commerce or magento.
    He is going to deal with and I told him that he would make a good choice as that company was reliable. Am I right?

    It offers Os Commerce and magento within its hosting plans.

    So, what shopping cart software will be better? And why?

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    OS commerce - Its got a massive user base, developed over a long time, free. Negatives, the templates usually look dated, plugins arent usually amazing.

    Magento - Looks great, loads of plugins. Negatives, no real support unless you pay, free version is always buggy (as is 3+ iterations behind current and they want you to pay). requires PDO to function properly, make sure provider has PDO enabled.

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    I think if you are not willing to spend much than you should choose OS Commerce. There is a strong community online that will help you through any problems.

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    First of all I would like to say that will be perfect place for running ecommerce web sites.
    You will have more advantages using magento commerce shopping cart.
    Contact the company's support and they will explain you everything you may need.

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    My business partner told me that provides unmatched speed for magento hosting service.
    In my opinion, offers cost-efficient hosting solutions and they will give your web sites the best performance.

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    Magento wins hands down. Magento has a large community and huge amounts of documentation available.

    OS Commerce may have the larger community but its code base is shockingly bad. OS Commerce does not scale at all, It's the bane of e-commerce developers.

    Best Regards, George

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    I think OS Commerce is good in comparison to any other open source online shop e-commerce solution. It is under progress. It works all type of PHP enabled web server, on any environment that PHP and MySQL supports, which includes Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

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    You'd better choose Magento shopping cart as it will give your more performance.
    As for serverpoint, it will be a good choice of hosting provider.

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    He can also try online shopping cart, its a handful of advanced shopping basket software that harnesses the opportunity to increase sales and revenue by integrating with leading online marketplaces like ebay and Google Base.

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