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    You can do some good promotion as well as use google's webmaster tools for quick indexing.

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    Search engine submission through.

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    Firstly you need to search Chinese local search engines to submit your website URL but if we talk about Google and Yahoo, you can add in their dot com domain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renfred99 View Post
    Try to submit your url in different sites using social book marking and article submission and other tactics in SEO.
    I agree with him it was best way to get your url on all search engine

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    Google, Yahoo, Bing has practically more than 90% of search market share, Submit your website URL to theses yourself and that’s it. Do not use any preset Link Submission Tools. Like Webmaster Tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJH View Post
    hey there,...

    I already add my url to google, and now I consider to add url to china search engine but I can't really understand how coz the language,.. already search for alternative language but still can find it.

    can you tell me how i can add my url to china seach engine or maybe you have the list

    Find the below link which can help you to submit your website link in China.
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    You should create a social account on the weibo then share the article on it. I think so.

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