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    Default Cheap domain name registration

    Get your domain name to start a business, website or blog online as one of the place you can get cheapest domain name in UK is Domain name registration our domain name is one of the cheapest web address registration prices in the UK. With registration fee starts from £4.99 per year to register any domain name with .UK extension, this included:,,,,,

    You can also registration alternative UK domain name, alternative .UK domain names are not strictly UK domains only, they are, however, very popular with companies and individuals who are unable to obtain dot UK extension of their first choice domain name. Example of alternative dot UK domain names are:,,,,, and many others.

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    Sorry i dont know about the site which you are talking about..If its for single domain registration i would say is the best who provides the domain for reasonable cost and if it would be for bulk domain registration i would suggest familiar with these sites because friend of mine got domain registration with them..

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    This is cool site and I like it but why the price that you are you offering is higher then other well known sites.

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    I want to buy a domain but the rates are so high. Can you have some other refrences

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    what are rates?

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    This is awesome website and I like it but why the cost that you are you providing is greater then other well known websites.

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    is there any registrar where i can buy bulk domain in cheap price

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    I once used godaddy and this source provides the cheapest domains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkmind View Post
    what are rates?
    rates are mentioned above its 4.99$

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    GoDaddy offers cheapest domains as far as i know.

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