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    As per my technical knowldege I would like to say that A web server is special software capable of servicing HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests. For this reason, web server software is also referred to as HTTP server.

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    i think blue host is the best web server..

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    I've been with Hostgator for about a year now and have had a great experience up to now. In the past there has been more downtime than in the past year combined and I get the "we're working on it response" more often than not. Then i got my hosting plan from the site and I am actually quite happy with their services. I tried them with a shared hosting plan and then as my site grew, I upgraded to VPS. Now I am using 3 VPS from them now - 2 of which is Linux and one is Windows.

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    i use Apache Web server it is very fast and best

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    hello guys ...

    I have Firefox now. There's a huge difference. the security in IE is alright but Firefox is a heck of alot more faster. I have google Chrome as well, but since I live in Norway it's always asking me all over the place if I wanna translate the page.. when I press "Nope" it just pops up again.

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    Apache is best server for this Thanks for sharing with us nice to be here.

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    Apache or Red Hat Enterprise are the best in my opinion. Anything but Win-doze servers

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    I agree with you.............

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    Host Gator they are by far the best out there, I have been using them for a long time and I never had any problem with them. vista the link below If you would like to read more about them.

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    I am using Apache web server. Stable and Fast.

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