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    Default Which web server is the best???

    I have been searching to know what web servers the top websites like youtube, wikipedia, amazon, photobucket, aol are working in. I came to know all these details and whois lookup of these sites from many statistical sites like Apache usage stats . At the same time, sites like msn and friendster are using Microsoft IIS . Can anybody tell me which is the best web server?? Thanks in advance!!

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    Virtual Private Server is the ideal choice for large companies that have complex needs. And better if you have experience in the program, because you need to know how to handle the settings, but if you can read and understand the instructions, you will be fine. Plus Virtual Private Server is that you fire a single server, so you can work independently and pay for a myriad of other customers.

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    domain name server

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    A web server is special software capable of servicing HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests. For this reason, web server software is also referred to as HTTP server.

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    i use the Apache web server it is best and very fast server

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    Virtual Private Server is not bad, sometime i use this one, it occupy fewer source of web.
    Free YouTube downloader

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    A web server is a program that helps serve web pages and browsers.Apache server is the best server.

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    Thanks for sharing this information

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    domain name server

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    Thanks for share a lot of information about Domain server.

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