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    Blogging is best way for link building.. you have to said correct..

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    Blogging is not is considered to be a part of off page factor in seo,when does the blog posting helps is,if the website is having high page ranks and getting back-links from that particular sites will help in keyword ranking..Blogging is Purely White hat technique, every post on every blog must be unique.

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    Blogging is very useful for link building and also to drive traffic to your posts through the search engines.

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    For me, blogging is a stand alone service, not just an adjunct to a website or forum. Blogging can take the place of a traditional website and provide better SEO results when done right. Many stand alone websites struggle in the search engines. Blogs always rank high right away, especially blogs from, which is owned by Google.

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    Is this necessary to advertise our blog as we do with our site ?

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    I would have to say yes, although you would advertise it in a slightly different way.
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    Blogging for SEO is considered to be a purely White hat technique, every post on every blog must be unique and point to the main website as well as giving links to the blog created sites and vice versa.

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    Blogging means updated online journal.It is an important part of seo and helps for promoting content.For every blog domain the profile should be good and content should be unique.

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    Through blogs one can write about their site and products and also he/she can know the views and ideas of other peoples which is very useful for him. but make it sure that content of your blog is unique and attractive.

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    Blogs are a great way to create your own site.You can change your blog into a great looking website and this is a very helpful for the linking for your original website and with the help of blog we can increase our website backlinks.
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