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    Link wheel is a process of link building as well as I have been using it since a long time. In Link wheel sites link with each other in rounded figure.

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    Link wheel strategy is where you’ll be creating web 2.0 websites like wordpress, blogspot, squidoo, and other web 2.0 websites that will link to your money site. In the old days, they just link their web 2.0 websites to their money site which is not a good idea. But now, it has been improved. How? By linking your web 2.0 websites to each of your web 2.0 websites and also to your money site. Why do it that way? Because it will not only increase the popularity of your money site but it will also increase the popularity of your web 2.0 websites which will give MORE power to your money site. That is why it is called the Link Wheel Strategy.

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    The link wheeling is nothing but the whole link building strategy and the thing you stated here is absolutely true.

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    A link wheel is a link builsing technique where Site 1 point site 2 and site 2 points site 3 and site 3 point site 1, site 2 and so on....

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