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    The Site Map – Very Important

    In the old days of the net [about three years ago], experts proclaimed every site should have a site map. From their ivory tower, they proclaimed the site map as the extraordinary method to assure potential customers could easily navigate the site and find what they needed

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    yes a sitemap is very important part. Is like an index to you site

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    Once you accept the website map page up, don't delay for the search engine robots to acquisition it. Publish the link in an commodity byline or blog as soon as possible. Within a week or so, you should see pages from your website getting added to the search engine indexes.

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    sitemaps are used to inform the google about your website details

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    Sitemap is very important for search engine crawlers also because it gives idea about the updated pages & content of the website to search engine crawlers....So try to create XML sitemap & submit it to the Webmaster tools...

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    Site map is must be in your website.

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    Yes Sitemap is very very much important because sitemaps gives whole idea and structure of your site to the spider

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    one is sitemap xml which create for search engine point of view and other is sitemap html which is create for user point of view through this sitemap user easily see the other pages

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    Long time I do not generate my website site map.

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    They are essential for your website.

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