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    Main important to submit site map to the Google search engine. Because other search engine are connected with google.

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    I think using sitemaps has many benefits, not only easier navigation and better visibility by search engines. Sitemaps offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site.

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    A sitemap is important because it helps search engine bots to crawl all your links easily.

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    They have always been part of best Web design practices but with the adoption of sitemaps by search engines, now they become even more important.

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    for small website its not mach useful but if you have large or ecommerce website the its play very important role. Suppose if you not done better internal linking in large website then sitemap will help you to index all your pages quickly in Search engines.

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    hello friends,

    there are two type of siteamp and both are important-
    1. sitemap.txt for search engine
    2. siteamp.html for users

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    Yes of-course, sitemap is very important. Sitemap submission tells the search engine about your website structure.

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    Well sitemap.xml is very important in SEO because sitemap consists of urls of your webpages (of your website). Search engine indexes them and then shows its visibility on their search engines.

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    A Sitemap is a good way to tell search engines that your website is available and ... Sitemaps are an important SEO

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    Well, sitemap is one of the important factors in SEO which is used to index the entire website on Search Engines and to find out the broken links and unindexed pages in the website.

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