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    Default Sitemap is important or not?

    We submitted sitemap in 3 major search engines through webmaster. How sitemap is important? How same sitemap will be useful for 3 search engines?

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    search engine will know about the pages on your site and the products

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    a sitemap will help the search engine (basically only google, who cares about the rest) discover the path to pages it might have missed in the past.
    this ensures you that Google will scan all your pages much quicker

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    sitemap is an additional tool that helps the search engine to crawl the site........

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    sitemap are important its a navigation to the site...its tells the site engine the links on the site

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    Sitemap are essential it’s a direction-finding to the site...its tell the site engine the links on the site
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    Default Re: Sitemap is important or not?

    Thanks guys for sharing info about sitemap.

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    I think site map is a way to lead spider to crawl your site. after visiting your site map, search engine will index how many pages in your site.

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    Sitemap is one important way to tell the search engine spider about your site pages.

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    search engines will come to know about the site. the different pages product and services your site got to offer.

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