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    Default sitemap

    A site map makes the pages of a website accessible by search engines spiders. It is an important route that leads towards achieving an optimized site.

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    A site map makes the pages of a website accessible by search engines spiders. It is an significant route that leads towards achieve an optimized site.
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    xml sitemap is an additional tool that helps the search engine to crawl the websites...........

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    Site map is very important to crawl your web site its create the main part........

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    Sitemap is very important for every website, by creating XML sitemap, google can easily crawl your entire website.

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    A sitemap is an HTML page absolute an ordered account of all the pages on your site.Good sitemaps advice people to acquisition what they are searching for and advice search engines to acclimatize themselves and administer their crawl activities.

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    Yes, sitemap is useful to visitors as well as crawlers also.

    There are 2 types of the sitemap:
    1. HTML sitemap: It helps visitors to know about the navigation of the website

    2. XML sitemap: It helps to crawler to know more about the updated pages of the website

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    There are two types of Sitemap
    1) Html Sitemap which is useful for the user to visit your site.
    2) XML Sitemap which is useful to index site by crawling search engine crawler.

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    Sitemap is very important for any website because these can help to search engine and user for indexing website very quickly and to enhance the user experience, user can browse the website very quickly. There are many kind of sitemap is used but we basically focus on the 4 types of sitemap.

    1. XML Sitemap - help search engine spider to get the information about the website and help to index the website very quickly.
    2. HTML Sitemap - help user to browse the website in very quick time and can reach the relevant pages.
    3. ROR or Image Sitemap - this help to indexd the website images and can help to get traffic from Google image search.
    4. Video sitemap - is used to index and the website video if a website has these can appear into the search results.

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    Sitemap specially used ,when we want to crawl our whole pages of site , in little time. it helps to crawl the fresh pages of the sites

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