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    Default Can I configure my own hosting server?

    What do you guys think that can I configure my own hosting server?

    If yes How can I do so?

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    Of course you can. If you decide to configure your own hosting server then it all depends on the server that you set up. You won't find easy answer here. You should know what server exactly you want to install & set up.

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    Yes you can change your configuration,but sometime its risky,if didn't properly complete this then its make harmful...
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    You own the server and you are allowed to do there whatever you want to.
    I would recommend you to get hired someone in case you do not have opportunity to do that yourself. I use for server management and so far I'm happy with aht they are doing.

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    If you like to spend for it, then you will can configure your own server.
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    Thanks for sharing

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    Configuring your own server requires skills in managing a server. You will have to create your own stack and install appropriate software for database and other programming engines to run a particular type of applications.

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