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    Default Where is your ideal holiday destination?

    Mine has got to be Cyprus!
    Always hot weather and I really like the food and the people there. I find them to be very open and can not do enough for you!
    Where is your ideal holiday destination?
    Do you have anywhere booked soon or for the new year?

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    New Zealand. Heavens fall there..

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    Mine is Hawaii. Its mine heart favorite place to spend holidays. I would like to suggest you to go there. I am sure you will also find it the best.

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    Before, I would always that Paris is my ideal holiday destination.
    But lately, I've been really hooked into anything related to Korea.
    Especially their songs and shows.
    And, because of that, I really want to see South Korea and know more about their culture!

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    Quite mixed opinions I see!
    New Zealand is indeed incredible. I went there two years ago and completely fell in love with the place. I've been itching to go back ever since.

    Paris! I completely forgot about Paris! Eekk now I'm tempted to change my choice! I do love it there but I don't think the climate is hot enough there to be called my favourite city. It is my dream to be proposed to underneath the Eiffel Tower though so my current boyfriend better be reading this post! Haha.
    I would like to go to Paris again soon but I think I would also like to see more of France. Bordeaux seems like a nice place and the climate is relatively stable all year round so theres never a bad time to go.

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    Kashmir - India Heaven. I would like to go there.

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    I've never been to Kashmir before but its definitely somewhere I have always wanted to go to.
    I think I will go there one day but India always seems that bit too far away for me! Now I'm a bit older, I tend to stay in Europe as the flights aren't too long and its normally easy to find cheap accommodation at short notice!

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    Switzerland. Apart from that Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore will also do
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    Mine is Switzerland..favorite destination..

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