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    Yes... it is very much helpful.

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    WordPress Blogs are very helpful and effective for SEO as search engine prefers WordPress sites for SEO purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertlouis16 View Post
    A normal CMS that is quite useful as a really good system is the WordPress blog. Since the standard presentation isn’t all that friendly to search engines, it is possible to optimize WordPress in an appropriate manner. I have been hearing of many different content management systems that are quite good. Does anyone know of any free CMS or content management system that could be tried out in place of WordPress? All I wish is to keep using the current CSS templates and I also desire for them to be a bit user-friendly. What is your opinion when it comes to WordPress blogs?

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    Every blog is good for SEO, however most of them give nofollow links which are not considered quality backlinks. Wordpress and Blogger are best for blogging though.

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    I would say no to wordpress as a pbn site, why? Because it is heavy for hosting, and You would need many such a sites.

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    yes wordpress website is seo friendly website which help you optimize your site in easy way

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