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    Default Do you value link exchange?

    I have used article submission, directory submission, forum posting, classified ad posting, etc. to improve the effectiveness of my link exchange strategies. To my credit, I have around 3 to 4 websites. To get the kind of SEO results I desire, I have been struggling a whole lot. I rightly deserve some kind of recognition and I haven’t been able to get that for a long time now. I think that I should try and use a link exchange directory. I don’t really know how to use it and need help in that area. Do you know how I could use link exchange to my benefit?

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    Link Exchange is good for both the website. You can exchange links with directory sites, guest posting sites etc. Once you get approved your post then you can post to live url into other website. This way you can share your post and give backlink to that site.

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    Even if there was no value in terms of helping search engine rankings, these types of links can still provide another benefit and it's referral traffic.

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    Yes, link exchange for SEO is a good proactice only if you take care of some important factors. The link should be from the niche website.

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    I operate a computer services company in Eugene, Oregon called "Eugene Computer Geeks". We do a lot of web design, and need incoming links to my site very badly.

    Lately I've been asking clients if they would link to me, but they almost always ask for a link in return.

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    Link exchange is a BIG NO! If google or bing catches you, thats a big penalty.

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    Most of them using this tactics. But it won't work if any google algorithm update came your site will be fall down.

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    Its is one of the black hat SEO. Link Exchange and Link Baiting are not accepted by the search engines

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