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    Default Favorite cartoon?

    what is your Favorite cartoon?

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    Mine is Tom and Jerry. I love to watch these cartoons again and again. They are really the best.

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    My choice is The Mask. I just love watch its series.

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    Default i like more then one cartoon characters

    When i was child i like Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny and Ninja Turtles to watch every day.

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    I don't like to watch cartoons now. But pink panther was my favorite when i was child.

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    Tom & Jerry

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    Love the 90s cartoons like Captain Planet, Thunder Cats, Camp Candy, Denver the lost Dinosaur, Pound Puppies, Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. These were my favorites.

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    Mine is Spongebob. He's cute and adorable and their episodes are really hilarious.
    Choco Butternut, choco butternut, choco butternut!

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    Tom and Jeery is my favorite cartoon characters.

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    Tom and jerry, I think. Now I'm too old to follow the latest cartoons but I know that they are also good and my daughter like it a lot.

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