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    Default 5 Benefits Of Google Analytics

    5 Benefits Of Google Analytics In A Search Engine Optimization Campaign

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    Google Analytics is supported with technical support resources, which include support, conversion of the University, the user to user support forums, an official blog and personal training that is conducted by their authorized consultants.

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    5 Benefits Of Google Analytics In A Search Engine - These five are best
    You check you traffic of your website..
    Which keyword give more traffic on your website
    From where user come on your website like india or UK
    What is bounce rate of your website
    Which pages of your website are popular

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    Google Analytics is very useful if you are implementing an SEO campaign because it lets you know if all your efforts are working out well. You will be able to know if the keywords you have been using have indeed gotten the corresponding visits that you thought they would. You would also see from where your site visitors came from, if they came from the sites where a bunch of your links were posted through forum posting, blog commenting and article marketing, among others.

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    Using Google analytics you can see and monitor the keywords used in a website. Google analytics gives the basic report of traffic, keyword density etc

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    Yes Google analytics is a gorgeous way to see and interact with the keywords used in a website. It is ever best to monitor.Very useful information shared.

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    Google Analytics is the best, you can not just track the number of visitors by search engines, or keywords or referring sites but also your sales through setting up goals.
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    I personally don't think Analytics is so efficient

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    Google analytics is best to track our site traffic.

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    Google analytic helps you to track the keyword traffic and also the full information from where you get more traffic etc.

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