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    Here are ten: The broken-link building method. Backlinks through infographics. The advantage of guest articles. Spy on your competitors. Build internal links. Promote your content. Write testimonials. Contact journalists and important bloggers.

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    Off page SEO is mainly responsible generating back link, main parts are mention below:
    1.Social Book Marking
    2.Social Media Marketing
    3.Directory Submission
    4.Article Submission

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlemgrnoida View Post
    Backlinks through infographics
    Guest Blogging
    Blog Posts
    guest articles
    Blogger Reviews
    Link Roundups
    Promote your content
    Build internal links
    Yes Follow these steps to get backlinks

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    Follow all the off page seo activities to get backlinks

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    For startups, it can be hard to close a deal. Hell, it's hard enough even to get prospects to walk in the door. As the new kid on the block, your startup faces the challenge of not only having to educate people on what your product does but why they should give it a shot.

    While there’s a lot for your sales team to try to juggle, not to fret: I've listed below some of the best tools out there to help get customers to come knocking, in no time.

    Leadfeeder is a lead-generation platform that uses Google Analytics to see what your potential customers are doing in real time. One of the great things about it for B2B sales is its ability to look at the specific companies visiting your site and aggregate whom to contact via LinkedIn. This gives you a personalized look at not only what customers visited, but also where they went on your site (as well as what they do)

    Finally, Leadfeeder can integrate with your CRM and email tracking software, as well.

    Like Leadfeeder, Woopra is another lead-generation platform, targeted at the B2C market. Its capabilities are massive, covering anything from SaaS, ecommerce and mobile, to content, banking and travel. Plus, Woopra can also be integrated into almost any tool under the sun. With a comprehensive and intuitive interface, Woopra can be a huge help for creating customer profiles, real-time analytics and personalized behaviors.

    MailChimp is the absolute king of email marketing right now. In fact, check the last marketing email in your inbox and I’ll almost guarantee you it was sent by someone using MailChimp.

    With tons of customizable templates available for any of your mailing list needs, Mailchimp's platform also allows for ecommerce and social integrations, as well as automated behaviors and analytics. While these are just a few of the reasons this tool is on top of the game right now, you should take a peek yourself to see why.

    If you’re struggling with signups, then Optinmonster is the way to go. Its lead-generation software for email sign-ups helps you build out your subscriber list by offering multiple types of forms, A/B testings on design and even analytics. Additionally, Optinmonster can be integrated with almost every major email marketing platform (as well as every ecommerce platform).

    Every sales team should have a solid CRM in place, and SalesforceIQ is one of the top ones out there. Originally known as RelateIQ, the company's quick rise to success back then caused it to be acquired by SalesForce, in 2014. Retaining the same ease of use and functionality, SalesForceIQ today should definitely be on your sales team's wishlist.

    Mailtrack is about as simple as it gets: It alerts you if an email from your gmail account has been received and read. This can be a great tool for generating leads, as it allows you to see how successful your direct cold-calling has been; and it suggests improvements for when to send mail and how to structure your subject lines.

    Boomerang helps you schedule out when you send and receive emails. This is a great sales technique for startups, especially for those with leads coming from both coasts.

    As we’re all looking for the next unicorn, Growthlist helps aggregate the fastest-growing tech companies to convert them to customers. With its team of researchers, Growthlist digs deep into the information you need to assess customers' value, including information on what’s on their sites, their traction and the validity of their startups.

    Q Customer
    Customer intelligence is , which is why Q Customer exists. By aggregating all of your customer data from multiple sources, this tool is able to personalize your customers' experience according to their needs.

    If you’re trying to target lead generation through social media, then it’s important to focus on producing quality content. However, if you’re just looking to attract more people to your social media, then Buffer can be a great tool. By allowing you to schedule out your posts and specify what platforms they’re going to, Buffer helps you track engagement with your audience, which in turn can turn them into customers.

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    create quality articles to get natural backlinks

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    The best way of getting back links through submitting our sites having high Domain Authority and Page Authority sites.and also by Off Page SEO
    Blog Post
    Business Listing
    web directory
    Book Marking

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    Web Directory
    Article Submission
    Profile Creation
    Business Listing

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    Blog commenting, forum posting and article submission are the best way to get the backlinkssssssssss

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